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Invisible grill national safety net

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What is invisible grill?

Invisible grill is a modern grill system that provides security for your family, especially children pets. it doesn’t affect the look of your home.

It is made of best-quality stainless steel wire. It’s coated with so provide extra protection for durability. It is anti-rust, anti-dust. It does not need any maintenance. It is the modern, safety grill system for your home.

  • These grills are a system in which high tense heavy-duty stainless-steel wire is used. It comes in size 3 mm, 3.5 mm, or 4 mm thick. It is fixed covers with nylon which protects from water and sun. These are fixed vertically or horizontally.
  • The gap a distance of 2 inches,3 inches or 4 inches as required in a structural framework. Make a very safe shield like structure, Provides excellent safety to children and adults alike against any accidents.

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Types of invisible safety grill

It have wide range accordioning to home and requirement.

here is mentioned-

  • Invisible grill for balcony
  • Invisible grill for window
  • Invisible grill for staircase

Invisible grill for balcony

Invisible grill national safety net

Approx. Price: Rs 150~250/ Squire Foot

This innovative invisible balcony grill is designed to seamlessly fit with the out side wall. it will not like traditional grill which was very thick this is modern base grill which provides you better looks and appearance

Quality : Premium & Good

Visibility : Good Visibility

Maintenance : Very easy

Invisible grill for Window

invisible grill for window

Approx. Price: Rs 180~ 250/ Squire Foot

A window gives you access to your personal piece of the beautiful sky. Traditional thick grill can obstruct this beautiful view. modern solution to all these problem is invisible safety grills.

Quality : Premium & Good

Visibility : Good Visibility

Maintenance : Very easy

Invisible grill for Stair Case

invisible grill for stair

Approx. Price: Rs 180~250/ Squire Foot

Stair often make a very integral part of interior aesthetic part of the house while maintaining the aesthetic that the architect have worked on keep more secure. 

Quality : Premium & Good

Visibility : Good Visibility

Maintenance : Very easy

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Why to Choose National Safety Net

we are the largest safety-net company in India having international coloration with reputed European companies. National safety net manufacture best quality mosquito nets, mosquito net for window, pigeon nets, invisible grill, safety nets, construction net with a three-layer quality checkup. 

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National safety net quality

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More details of safety grill

As a plus point to installing it in our balcony or window, it provides a safe environment. Also gives enjoyable panoramic views.

Being invisible, looking into this new grill means you are now able to enjoy the outside view in a total nondisturbance manner.

People who are looking from outside even they cannot see these invisible wires.

It also provides proper light and gives more space to our home. It also looks very neat clean, stylish, and spacious.

these grills are the best and the most economical way to keep your balcony safe and secure to stop any items from falling off.

It can be easily installed in various outside areas like- terraces, rooftop terraces, stairways, balconies, partitions or screens for offices, private garden or yard property, etc.

Give your home a futuristic view with a safe environment. Now keep your home safe and secure with a national safety net. we will make your home safe with beauty.

No matter if you live in a heightened building or in a bun bungalow, you can still make your home airy and bright with this grill.

This can be installed as an alternative to the terrace or window or balconies.

We know the importance of safety for your house and workspace.

So, we provide a customized grill that will ensure the safety of your place.

If you are not able to set up traditional grills due to your unshaped balconies, then the invisible safety grill is the best alternative. Whatever be the dimension of your balcony is, even we can customize these grills to complete your needs.

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Benefit of invisible grill

These invisible grills can be installed horizontal or vertical with a customized gaps which will give you protection and also safety.

this safety grill can take the pressure of 450 kg. because it’s made with high-quality stainless steel. Its paint free with low maintenance.

Setting up this grill has lots of benefits. It can make sure your living space is ventilated.

You can now enjoy the sunset and sunrise from your terrace and balcony without compromising on the safety aspect.

We are living in an advanced era where we don’t want to show our beautiful home ugly with traditional thick grill.

this grill gives safety as well as not affecting your home’s beauty. This is the best solution for end-user who is looking for balcony safety. 

this provides a safe environment and beautiful views. It gives more ventilation also provides charm to your home. We can easily enjoy our greenery view or waterfall scenery. 

  1. Low maintenance
  2. This grill provides a stylish transparent view
  3. Not affect on home appearance
  4. Tougher than it looks
  5. Rust free, dust-free, paint free
  6. Safety provides for children or pets.

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