sliding mosquito net for windows

Sliding Mosquito Net for windows

For big windows, people usually prefer sliding mosquito nets for windows. Because of its strong frames, it’s suitable for large openings. People are having French windows nowadays. Sliding mosquito nets for windows are best for them.

Sliding mosquito nets for windows had smooth functioning which makes them easy to slide.

The frames of sliding mosquito net for windows are made of aluminum. These types of mosquito nets are easy to install but you cannot detach them anytime you want. That doesn’t make it difficult for them to clean. You just have to wipe them with a wet cloth.

Make sure you don’t use anything hard to clean these mosquito nets like a hard brush or other tools. Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft paintbrush.

Sliding mosquito nets are also called rolling mosquito nets. So don’t get confused if someone refers to it as rolling mosquito nets.

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Say goodbye to mosquitoes, hello to fresh air.

Sliding mosquito nets for windows are not just used for windows but also for doors. Especially the large doors. They take one or two more panels, depending on how many you want. These mosquito nets are made of high quality. They are weatherproof.

These sliding mosquito nets for windows and doors are kid-friendly. So no need to be worried about kids getting harmed. Make sure to close them whenever it’s high time for mosquitoes to enter the house. They are almost invisible. So you’ll get a clear view of the other side. Sunlight and air also easily come through these nets. Enjoy them even if sliding mosquito nets are closed.

Always make sure you install sliding mosquito nets for windows from professionals. They know how to do it in the right way. They will also guide you on how to maintain a sliding mosquito net to last for a longer time.

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Features Of Sliding Mosquito Net For Windows

Clear Ventilation

This net will not block air or sunlight. You can enjoy fresh air and sunlight throughout the day.

No More Suffocation

Many people closes windows because of the fear of mosquitoes. Which creates suffocating atmosohereAfter installing these net you will have clear ventilation.

Low Maintenance

Sliding mosquito net for windows do not need much maintenance. You can clean it with vet clothes or soap water. You can even use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

Easy To Install

Installing an this grill is very easy and convenient. It can be installed in a day or two.

Maximum Safety

Sliding mosquito net for windows provide you maximum safety from mosquitos by keeping them outside. So you and your loved ones can have a good night sleep.

Aesthetic Look

Sliding mosquito net for windows do not spoil the look of your home. It blends with your interior nicely and will give you an aesthetic look. It can be customized according to your requirements.

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Why to Choose Us ?

Global Quality Product

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality products and services.

Professional Team

Our team is having years of experience in this industry which helps to provide best services

ISO Certified Company

We are ISO certified company following global standard quality production.

Excellent Customer Services

Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Wide Range of Options

We offer a wide range of products, ensuring that you can find the perfect product as per needs.

Affordable Price

Our nets are available at an affordable price, making them accessible to everyone.

Easy Clean & Care

These nets basically made with fiberglass so its very easy to clean and maintain.

Eco Friendly & Durable

Our mosquito nets made with nontoxic material which is safe for children and pets.

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Pleated Mosquito Net vs Traditional mosquito net


Pleated Mosquito Net

Traditional  Mosquito Net

Material and Construction

Made from high-quality materials like polyester or fiberglass. Manufactured with a pleated design for easy expansion and contraction.

Can vary widely in material and construction, variety from cotton to nylon. Construction may be basic or more complex depending on the area.

Design and Installation

Often comes with a professionally designed system for installation. Custom-fitted to windows or doors and may be integrated into the frame. Requires expertise for installation.

Typically simpler in design. Can be hung from ceilings or walls using hooks or strings, or draped over beds or windows. Installation is usually DIY.


Generally more effective at keeping mosquitoes and other insects out due to high-quality materials and precise construction. A pleated design ensures a safe fit.

Effectiveness can vary. Provides some protection against mosquitoes but may not be effective for smaller insects or provide a completely sealed barrier.

Durability and Maintenance

More durable and requires less maintenance. Can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Durability and maintenance can vary. May require frequent washing or repairs to maintain effectiveness.


Reasonable but more expensive comparatively due to higher quality materials and specialized design.

More affordable since they are often made from readily available materials..

Customers Reviews

"The sliding mechanism of the sliding mosquito net for windows is smooth and easy to use. I was worried that it might get stuck or be difficult to slide, but I have had no issues with it so far. It also fits perfectly on my window and doesn't leave any gaps for mosquitoes to enter."
Puja Rao
“a product's worth is determined by its ability to deliver tangible benefits at a reasonable price point. In this regard, the sliding mosquito net for windows exceeds expectations, offering unparalleled value proposition. ”
Ajay Sharma
“For those seeking respite from the incessant onslaught of mosquitoes without compromising on ventilation or aesthetics, look no further than the sliding mosquito net for windows."
Gaurav Pawar

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Most frequent questions and answers

Sliding mosquito net for windows is a net installed on your window which stops mosquitoes from entering your home.

There are different types of mosquito nets. Pleated, roller, foldable, collapsible, magnetic, sliding, and velcro.

All are good in their own way. Best mosquito net totally depends upon your requirement and budget.

Yes. Sliding mosquito net for windows can be easily installed on UPVC doors and windows.

Yes. We give 1 years warranty.

If the mosquito net is detachable then remove and keep it under running water. Otherwise, wipe it with a wet cloth.

Yes. Mosquitoes can bite through any loosely woven fabric.

On any door or window, like wooden doors, iron doors, aluminum doors, sliding doors, and UPVC doors.

Only polyester fabric nets can be washed in washing machine. cotton or other material nets you have to wash with your hands.

We designed our mosquito nets in a way that they will not damage your doors or windows.

No. These mosquito nets are made in a way that air and sunlight can pass through them easily.

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